5 Ways To Help 5 Year Olds With Maths. In this blog you will learn 5 different activities to develop early number sense for a young learner.

Suitable for learners aged between 4 – 7 depending on their progress and confidence.

Never push on too early as this can cause fear and anxiety which could put young learners off doing further work

1. Subitize


Subitizing is the ability to spot the number of objects without counting them one by one.

How many dots do you see?

bar modelling

Now, how many dots do you see here?

2. Drawing Dots


Asking your child to draw a number of dots inside a 10 frame helps them to understand the size of a number and the different ways to make that number

Draw 6 dots using 2 different colours:

5 year old learn maths

3. Add Extras and Cross Out (1 More or 1 Less)


Working on early addition and subtraction skills can be done very easily within the 10 frames simply by adding in or crossing out some dots.

4. Write Out The Numbers 1-20


Writing numbers in the 10 frames is good for number formation and fine motor skills. It also highlights nice patterns within the 10 frames

draw 6 dots maths

Writing numbers in this pattern highlights the 5, 10, 15, 20 pattern in the bottom row.

Can you spot any other patterns?

draw 8 dots 10 frame

Writing numbers in this pattern highlights the odd and even numbers.

Can you spot any other patterns?

Repeat this Activity on blank 10 grids and remind yourself of the patterns.

5. Use Cubes To Explore Numbers


Using cubes is an excellent ‘hands on’ way to get children involved in their maths learning.

Make a 5-train using pink cubes only, green/yellow cubes and red/blue cubes.


Tasks – Try making different number trains.

How many ways can you make an 8 Train using:

a) 2 Colours
b) 3 Colours
c) 4 Colours


Use a visual learning aid like the ‘Numeracy BluePrints’ to help support number sense and number development.

The Numeracy BluePrints is a new learning aid launched in August 2018 by Count On Us Education.

The Numeracy BluePrints is an A3 double sided math whiteboard with all the basic numeracy templates printed on the board to aid and support learning.

There are over 16,000 Numeracy BluePrints in use across the UK. Children love using them!

What Else Can I Do?

  • Repeat these tasks continuously and practice for 10-15 minutes on each session.
  • Aim to do between 3-5 sessions a week.
  • This is suitable for home learning as well as in school.
  • Take a look at our Resources page for more activities!

If you enjoyed this post on 5 Ways To Help 5 Year Olds With Maths. Keep an eye out, we have more tips on how to teach maths from home coming soon!