Numeracy BluePrints

The “Numeracy BluePrints” is a new product designed by Chris McKenna (count on us) that provides a hands-on learning aid that can tie visual-concrete-abstract learning together. Suitable mostly for learners aged 4–12 to help develop a conceptual understanding of number and number processes. The learning aid is an excellent tool to raise attainment by deepening understanding and helping children take more responsibility for their own learning.

The “Numeracy BluePrints” are vital in developing good number sense. The learning aid includes the 100 Square, the Big Grid, ten 10 Frames, an empty number line, two 10 Frames, a vertical number Line and white space for demonstrating thinking skills.  These are essential building blocks for a learner to make progress in Numeracy. All this comes on one practical write-on white board.  It is a high-quality resource for learning and teaching and an invaluable aid for learners who require additional support.

Included along with the “Numeracy BluePrints” board is a progressive programme of activities and practical “user guide” to help educators/parents/carers plan learning activities to suit the needs of individual and groups of learners.


Individually £15

Between 10-400 £8


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