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Count On Us provide educational support in a variety of ways. We provide support and training in maths for teaching staff from Early Level to 4th Level.

Our training events have been described as ‘inspirational’ and ‘the best CLPL I have ever been to.’

We have designed a learning aid, called the ‘Numeracy BluePrints,’. The ‘Numeracy BluePrints‘ support conceptual understanding in maths and numeracy. They also build on and link the principles of concrete, pictorial and abstract learning processes.

Learn all of our active and visual learning strategies today.

Learn the best pedagogical knowledge and what the best practitioners are doing on a daily basis to enhance the learning experiences of the children in their care.

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Maths Resources and Training Packages

• Help develop conceptual understanding of numeracy

• Make thinking visible

• Cultivate a positive ethos and promote a ‘real’ growth mindset

• Build confidence in maths and numeracy

• Build resilience in learning

• Help improve attainment

• Inspire teachers and pupils

Our CLPL/CDP Maths Packages Focus on:

• ‘The Numeracy BluePrints’ visual learning strategies

• Mental math strategies

• Linking Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract learning

• Bar modelling

• Problem solving

• Ambition and achievement

Excellent CPD. Very enlightening and engaging. The time flew by! Great visuals and I can see that the Numeracy Blueprints would be great to use with pupils. Christopher gave us lots of strategies to use with the pupils which I think would really help their knowledge and understanding of maths. It has certainly added to my strategy tool kit! Thank you!

Josephine Sanderson, St. Margaret’s Primary School

This session was excellent. The number process strategies are straightforward to teach. I like how visual the strategies are and think this will help pupils to better understand the process of what they are doing and therefore explain their thinking.

Erin, Blackwood Primary School

I really enjoyed this session and the way Christopher brought this to life over a zoom, it was very informative and enjoyable. Thank you I will take these approaches into the classroom when we are back with the children.

Lauren Kendrick, Giffnock Primary School

An in-depth and interesting course, exploring different strategies to explore Number and Number Processes. Chris was clear and explained things very clearly. I cannotwait to get back into school to share these strategies with my colleagues and pupils!

Susan Liveston, Hyndland Primary School

Think the bar modelling strategy for division would be a lightbulb moment for many in my maths groups. Looking forward to trying it out when schools reopen. Thank you! I really enjoyed this online course. Lots to think about and take forward.

Anne Getty, Maddiston Primary School


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